Creative / Video production

TH true Yogurt Promotional video

A promotional video for TH true Yogurt products

Film Production

TH true Ice Cream Bumper Ads

A series of bumper ads to promote TH true Ice Cream products

Creative / Video production

TH true JUICE launch video

A stop motion video to launch the new TH true JUICE products

Photo shooting

Dalatmilk Barista photo shooting

A photo shooting of how barista makes a latte with Dalatmilk product to promote its new packaging.

Branding / Photography

New Cao Fine Jewellery Photography 2019

A brand new CAO woman image after 15 years. Elegant, luxury, look more agile and fashionable but still stay rooted with CAO’s core values.

Creative / Video production

Football Song – 3D MV from TOPKID

The first 3D music video for kids of TOPKID, a cross-category brand of TH Group.

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