LuckLady Facial Sponge Packaging

LuckLady Facial Sponge Packaging

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A new product from LuckLady


Luck Lady is a Wet wipes brand for women with high quality, safety, and easy-to-use. To extend the new catalog, they launched a new product named “ Luck Lady Facial Sponge” to reach their new market. LuckLady engages with us to design fashion packaging for their product.


A new facial sponge product from Luck Lady is an indispensable accessory for the stylish urban girl. The aim of this project is to build a dynamic and fashionable product package.

The packaging is a simple design but highlights product function as well as expresses the dynamic through bright color and modern typography. 


We receive positive feedbacks from our consumers and our products are now distributed in all supermarkets in Vietnam. 

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