CAO Fine Jewellery Branding

CAO Fine Jewellery Branding

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Proudly Vietnamese. Boldly global.

CAO Fine Jewellery is a high-end luxury jewellery brand of CAO Fashion Company Limited which is a subsidiary of PNJ (The biggest and leading jewellery manufacturing, retailing & exporting in Vietnam & South East Asia). CAO targets on the high-end customers by its unique and difference of a luxury brand.  The mission of CAO is “Our dream is creating a luxury jewellery brand MADE IN VIETNAM”. CAO represents for the art of making jewellery of Vietnam and directly complete with international jewellery brands.

The Challenge

Strategically CAO Fine Jewellery (CAO) want to increase the brand’s awareness by driving more younger customers with wider range of entry level products while still maintaining the current customers which have been loyal to the brand for years. The new image of CAO should be more youthful but still stay rooted with the values that our brand have built for almost 15 years.

A new CAO woman

Still keeping the values from previous CAO image which are luxury and unique, from the Vietnamese craftsmanship with international designs. Now our new CAO woman is more progressive, dynamic and affordable.

With new bolder and more impactful logo, the new identity brings the brand image transformation through stationary, prints and website.

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