PNJ Interactive Survey App

PNJ Interactive Survey App

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Understanding customers by interactive survey app


It takes a lot of time, energy and money was spent to deliver the product to customers, now you have customers, but how do you keep them? This is when you have to create a great customer experience by measuring customer satisfactions and finding areas that need improvement. An interactive survey app is all the need. 

The role of NEXT Creative is to build the app which can run smoothly on the iPad and connect with PNJ’s system.


To get high efficiency, we create a user-friendly interface and embed a video in the app to guide the customer that makes the customer feel more interactive. We attempt to design an app expressing brand identity through logos, colors, styling, and fonts. The app also connects to PNJ’s CRM and certainly brings a smooth experience to customers.


Our survey app is installed in more than 300 devices in all PNJ stores across Vietnam.

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